Dealership Mechanics vs. Independent Shops

Mechanic Working On Brakes


When a warning light shows up on your dashboard, it is time to get your new or used vehicle serviced.You may be asking yourself, “Should I choose dealership mechanics or go to independent shops?”Victory Nissan of Dickson in Dickson believes your best bet is to bring your Clarksville vehicle to a dealership mechanic instead of an independent shop. Explore why with this guide from Victory Nissan of Dickson below and schedule a service appointment today!

Dealerships Mechanics vs. Independent Shops: Speed

Dealerships will provide Columbia drivers with faster quote times.Most drivers are looking for faster service because of their busy schedules.Why dealerships provide faster service is highlighted below:

  • More staff on hand
  • More service bays
  • More experienced staff

Dealership mechanics offer drivers with a more efficient, expedited service for for customers that use their vehicles for work or might need it to run errands.

Dealership Mechanics vs. Independent Shops: Access to OEM Parts

Authorized dealerships near Franklin, like Victory Nissan of Dickson, offers drivers instant access to parts that they need. Independent shops will usually give drivers a long quote time for parts. Drivers can even order parts online from dealerships. In many instances, drivers might want to upgrade their vehicle with parts so that they have an upgraded performance. Dealerships mechanics will install factory backed parts that last a long time with quick turnaround times.

Dealerships Mechanics vs. Independent Shops: Expertise

Dealership mechanics are experts in their brand. The service technicians at dealerships tend to have the most amount of experience and a lot of them have been certified with a particular auto manufacturer. There is no service issue that they have not come across.

Check Out Victory Nissan of Dickson in Dickson For All Your Service needs!

When it comes to dealership mechanics vs. independent shops, dealerships have the edge. Next time your car needs service, make an appointment online or contact our service center. Take advantage of some of our service specials to see if you can save some money before you visit us! Our friendly, experienced service team will answer all your questions and provide you with helpful tips to maintain your vehicle.

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