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Why Are My Brakes Shaking/Squeaking?

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Shaking or squeaking brakes can happen for a few different reasons, so you may have to go to a certified technician to get your answer to “Why are my brakes shaking/squeaking?” The brakes of your vehicle are one of the most important parts of keeping you safe on Nashville, so it’s important to deal with the issue as soon as possible. It could be something wrong with your brake rotors, brake pads, or with your suspension. Keep reading to find out more from the service team at Victory Nissan of Dickson. Contact us if you have any questions.

Possibility 1: Your Brake Rotors Are Warped

Your brake rotors work in tandem with your brake pads to stop your wheels, and a damaged or warped brake rotor is the most common reason for shaking or squeaking when braking. With time, rotors age, and braking wears them thinner and thinner. When thin enough, they become prone to damage, and heat during braking can warp them.

If you have warped brake rotors, you’ll feel a quivering sensation in your brake pedal. This is caused by your brake pads slipping as you brake around Clarksville.

Possibility 2: Your Brake Pads Have Worn Down

Like brake rotors, your brake pads wear down with use. When brake pads are worn, damaged, or warped, they’ll cause a squeaking sound along with vibrations that you’ll feel through the brake pedal. Brake pads can be easily replaced.

Possibility 3: Suspension and Alignment Problems

The last issue that can cause shaking or squeaking when braking is a problem with your suspension or with the alignment of your vehicle. Over time, suspension components such as ball joints, wheel bearings, or tie rods wear out. This affects the braking experience, and can cause your vehicle to vibrate or shake when braking during a turn on a Franklin road.

Address Shaking/Squeaking When Braking at Victory Nissan of Dickson

If your vehicle is shaking or squeaking when you brake, it makes sense that you’d be asking “Why are my brakes shaking/squeaking?” However, since there are multiple possible causes for this issue, it’s best to have a professional do a general overlook of your vehicle. Now that you know the signs of each particular issue, you’ll have a better idea what to tell your mechanic. You can schedule service with us in Dickson and take advantage of our service specials to get a great deal!

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